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Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer at BWS Brussels, I oversee the strategic direction of the organisation's technology initiatives. I am responsible for implementing cutting-edge solutions that promote efficiency and innovation throughout the organisation.

My responsibilities include overseeing the creation of new products, administering IT infrastructure, and ensuring robust cybersecurity measures. I drive digital transformation by collaborating with cross-functional teams and aligning technology with business objectives.

By keeping apprised of industry trends, I optimize technology resources, allowing BWS Brussels to maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic market.

My commitment to excellence propels the success of the company in delivering exceptional services and products.

Skills: International Business · Mobile Applications · Customer Relationship Management (CRM) · Software Development

Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at, I am responsible for driving the company's technology strategy and directing the development and implementation of innovative customer solutions.

My responsibilities include supervising the client and service development teams and managing the company's extant technology infrastructure to ensure optimal working conditions. I also collaborate closely with the executive team to identify new growth and expansion opportunities in the swiftly changing technology resource requirements.

In addition, I am responsible for leading and managing a talented team of developers and engineers, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration to ensure our customers' success.

I am devoted to remaining abreast of recent industry trends and technologies, utilizing cutting-edge tools and methodologies to drive efficiency and agility throughout our operations.

Skills: Databases · Mobile Applications · Customer Relationship Management (CRM) · PHP · Web Applications

Royal Institute Smart Academy

Visiting Lecturer - Cambridge AS/AL

Cambridge Teacher at RISA, an officially registered online school in Sri Lanka. Delivered engaging Cambridge AS/A Level courses to students aged 14-21.  Leveraged cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience and make education effective.

Staffordshire University UK - APIIT Sri Lanka

Visiting Lecturer - Laravel / AWS / Enterprise Design

  • Server Side Programming and Cloud Computing  (BSc in SE)

  • Web Development & Operation Systems / Linux  (BSc in SE)

  • Enterprise Application Development (MSc in Cloud Computing)

  • Enterprise System Analysis Modelling & Design. (MSc in Cloud Computing)

As a Visiting Lecturer at APIIT Sri Lanka for Staffordshire University, I specialize in teaching cutting-edge technologies like Laravel, server-side programming, AWS, and AWS business solutions. In this role, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise with students eager to build their skills and advance their careers in IT.

My responsibilities include designing and delivering lectures and hands-on workshops covering various topics, from programming fundamentals to more advanced concepts like cloud computing and AWS business solutions. I work closely with my students to ensure they deeply understand the material and can apply their skills to real-world scenarios.

In addition to my teaching duties, I mentor and guide students as they work on their projects and assignments. I am committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment where all students feel empowered to explore and experiment with new technologies.

Private / Non - Profit

Corporate Consulting and Visiting lecturer

  • Private consulting and lecturing on software architecture including mobile and web technologies.
  • Lecturing on software frameworks, coaching and training development teams to cater to overseas customer requirements.
  • PHP / Laravel on multiple tech talks and meetups
  • ICT Lecturing (Non-commercial) 
Adlux Software

Founder / Director and Chief Technical Officer

Founding member of Adlux Software, a start focused on Laravel and Open source software development.  Adlux specialised in Laravel projects and has a good track record of developing high-available applications in Sri Lanka, the USA, Australia and Europe.

Super Agency

Consultant / Senior Full Stack Developer

At Super Agency, I worked on multiple projects based on Laravel and Node.js which involved in web data scraping, CRM and ERP solutions. 

  • Worked on multiple platforms based on Laravel, Laravel Nova and Laravel Vapor.
  • Create an OpenAI based generation platform to generate content for advertisements and social posts.
  • Created a web scrapping tool based on Wappalyzer source to scrape any domain and to identify their technologies used.
  • Worked on a multi vendor SaaS application.

Organizer Colombo Laravel Meetup / Colombo Drupal Meetup

I founded the meetup group, Laravel Colombo and Drupal Colombo. We conducted meetup sessions to share knowledge on Laravel architectural concepts and ideas to help people learn and to be up to date with the technology.

Due to the pandemic, the meetup is completely moved to online.

Tech Lead / Chief Technical Officer

Brusselslife is an online magazine designed to cater to people in Brussels. This magazine has over 10,0000+ articles, agenda events and address listings where the business model is built based on advertisements and paid content.

I spearhead the technology and the marketing team, which manages all the aspects of the system, from building the architecture of the application, deployment on the cloud, and digital marketing / SEO, including online presence management.

Application stack

  • Laravel
  • Livewire & Alpine (2021 - Current) TALL Stack
  • React JS (Front-end) (2016 - 2018)
  • Vue JS (Back-end) (2018 - 2021)
  • Angular JS (Mobile App, ionic) (2012 - 2016)
  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • GCP (Hosting / DNS / CDN) (2015 - 2019)
  • AWS EC2 / S3 (2019 - Current)

Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead

Design and develop web solutions for local and foreign clients and play the team lead role for the opensource development team.


IIC University of Technology

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Terminal professional degree emphasising advanced business theory, strategic management, and research skills to drive organisational innovation and leadership.

- Strategic Marketing
- Managerial Economics
- International Business
- Advanced Accounting and Finance
- Organisational Leadership
- Strategic Management
- Research Methodology
- Advanced Statistics
- Multivariate Analysis
- Research Philosophy


M.Ed in Education

Advanced graduate program focusing on teaching skills, curriculum development, and educational leadership for career advancement and innovation.


MSc in Software Engineering

Having completed Kingston University London's MSc in Software Engineering, I've gained a comprehensive understanding of advanced software development principles. The program's in-depth exploration of software architecture, design, and implementation, along with its focus on practical project management skills, has equipped me to excel in the dynamic field of software engineering.

PGDip IT & Strategic Innovation

Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management

The PGDip in IT and Strategic Innovation examines the methods by which an enterprise may be modelled in a virtual sense using technology, underpinned by an exploration of how human and organisational factors interplay with systems.

Bsc (Hons) in Software Engineering

Specialisation towards software engineering theory and practice to develop professional software systems. 

This degree focuses on software design, development, and implementation, covering a range of programming languages, algorithms, and software development methodologies.



  • Strong experience in Laravel versions.

  • Strong experience in Laravel Plugins and Eco System (Nova, Envoyer, Forge, etc.)

  • Knowledge of IoC service containers and the architecture of Laravel. 

  • Experience in other common libraries such as PHPUnit and Eloquent.

  • Strong understanding of server-side template languages such as Blade.

  • Strong understanding of server-side CSS pre-processors like SASS.

  • Strong understanding of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and Vue/React.

  • Familiarity with concepts of MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful.

  • Familiarity with development-aiding tools Vite,  Laravel Mix or Elixir.

  • Strong knowledge of web frameworks Laravel, Drupal, and WordPress.

  • Knowledge in fully synchronous behaviour of PHP.

  • Knowledge in practical use and implementation of MVC design patterns.

  • Proper understanding and knowledge of implementation of object-oriented concepts and patterns.

  • Strong knowledge in creating databases to support business processes.

  • Understanding of code versioning tools (GIT).

  • Knowledge in PHP application deployment and Cloud deployment.

  • Familiarity with No-SQL / SQL databases and their query languages.
AlpinE / ReactJS / Vue / Angular, Javascript

  • Developing new user-facing features using the frameworks.

  • Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use.

  • Translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code.

  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model.

  • Understanding of JS  and its core principles.

  • Experience with popular js workflows (such as Flux or Redux).

  • Proficiency in HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Understanding of industry best practices.
Design & Development

  • Strong proficiency in requirement gathering and business modelling.

  • Proficiency in design concepts and patterns.

  • Experience in data modelling and SQL implementations.
Mobile App Full stack Development

  • Strong experience in developing restful APIs to support mobile applications.

  • Experience in developing cross-platform applications based on JavaScript and other technologies.

  • Experience in managing and deploying based applications on both iOS and Android platforms.
Linux / Server Management / AWS

  • Long years of experience in Linux and Linux-based operating systems.

  • Proficiency in server setup and creating production and development environments.

  • Experience in Google Cloud Platform management and deployment.

  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS).



(Adlux / BWS) 


I am Vipula S Anandapiya, a seasoned engineer, consultant, lecturer, and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) with a strong software development and technology background. With over 20 years of experience in the field, I have had the privilege of working on diverse projects and contributing to the growth of various organizations.

Currently, I serve as an O/L and A/L ICT lecturer and a University Visiting Lecturer, where I share my knowledge and expertise in Laravel and AWS. I am committed to shaping the education of students in schools and pursuing degrees in Software Engineering and Cloud Computing, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for the industry.

My dedication to education and corporate consulting has been integral to my career. I have been actively involved in private consulting and lecturing, providing valuable insights into software architecture, mobile and web technologies, and PHP/Laravel frameworks. I have also conducted tech talks, meetups, and workshops, fostering knowledge-sharing and coaching development teams to meet the requirements of overseas clients.

As the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Adlux Software, I was pivotal in establishing the company as a leading Laravel and open-source software development solutions provider. With a focus on high-availability applications, we successfully delivered projects across Sri Lanka, the USA, Australia, and Europe.

With my extensive experience, excellent communication skills, and passion for continuous learning, I aim to be the best ICT lecturer in Sri Lanka and positively impact software development.